North York Eats @ Katsuya

An amazing find in North York! If you’re looking for Katsu I highly recommend going to Katsuya. They offer traditional and unconventional sauces that will delight your tastebuds. Below we tried the seafood carbonara katsu and karaage. We left completely satisfied, yet wanting more. 

Til next time! 


Day 3 S.K. | Sum Hostel and Lotte

Take one last look at:
-Sum Hostel
-Lotte Shopping Center
-Petting Zoo
-Busan View

Day 2 S.K. | Night Stroll and Dinner at McDonalds

Slightly intimidated by the Korea restaurants I decided to sample the infamous Mcdonalds Bulgogi Burger. Poor decision! Should have gone into one of those ramen tents. 😦

Day 2 S.K. | Lost in Translation going to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

Lost and a bit confused, but I found my way… eventually. Face it! As a traveler expect the expected. Expect to be lost. Expect to find yourself in a situation with no readable signs. In this moment I found myself in that iconic travelers moment where you ask yourself, “Where the fuck am I going?”. I asked the bus driver who quickly pushed me off then I turned to the kindness of the other riders. After a few failed attempts and a couple of terrified Koreans I met a stranger who spoke enough English to direct me towards Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. It finally hit me… Korea will be more challenging then I originally though. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

In the end, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple was well worth the journey. It temple sits at the edge of the Busan coast line and was a unique sight to witness. Just AMAZING! Have a look for yourself.


Day 2 S.K. | Busan Modern Art Museum

Good stuff!

Day 2 S.K. | Busan Jagalchi Fish Market

Great weather, angry ladies, delicious food and sea-fish brutality all shown below… Good times!

Day 2 S.K. | Goodbye Ko and Hello Soup

Before Ko left he took me to sample one of Busan’s famous dishes, Pork Soup Rice. Pretty damn tasty! The soup is first served plain then you would add your own seasonings.

Day 1 S.K. | The Night is Young… A Unique Experience

Special thanks to the staff at Sum Hostel for staying open for an additional 1.5 hours. If not, I may have had to sleep out in the streets! Thank you nonetheless!

After checking in I was quick to shower and rest from the long day of being in transit. While in bed and half dressed I was startled to see the door open. It was a local who enthusiastically said, “Hi Friend! You and I drink! I know Hotta Girls! Hotta Girls!”. He later introduced himself as, Ko Seung Bae. Having made myself a promise before the trip to keep an open mind and to limit my “no” responses. I decided to put on my pants and accompany my new found Korean friend for a drink. Before leaving the hostel Ko was eager to snap a few pictures with his Fuji Instant Camera, which he later shared with me as a souvenir. Ko lead me to Party Party, a bar no more than 5 mins from the hostel. Upon entering it looks like any other bar, but with a few specific features.

1. All the bartenders are Women.
2. The bartenders drink with you, however those drinks must be paid for.

This sort of bar is referred to as a Chatty Bar or Booking Bar. Commonly used by single men or men seeking company. Needless to say Ko and I had a blast. Hang Song I and Victoria (seen below) made for an interest night of conversation. Did I forget to mention the lack of English they understood. Thank you Google translate!

Afterwards Ko suggested that we hit up Haeundae. I had no prior knowledge of where or what the area was known for, but I figured it would nice to shown around by a local. A 30 min taxi ride later the driver stopped infront of a dodgy ally. In the distance I faintly see pink lights. Already I had an idea where I was lead. Yep! You guess it… Korea’s own red (pink) light district. Before your minds wander… The night ended PG. In the end Ko was frustrated in method of payment that they only accepted $$$. Overall, an interesting first night in Busan, Korea.

Day 1 S.K. | From Seoul to Busan

Longest journey of my life… Yes I am exaggerating, but it was definitely draining. From air to land I finally made it to the Sum Hostel in Busan. Completely exhausted…

LOST WALLET SCARE! I had to explain to the attendant that I may have left it back at the terminal. I found myself in a unique predicament. The attendant spoke little to no English and I had to resort to hand waving and body gestures to explain the situation. Mind you it worked! However, they couldn’t locate my wallet. In the end it was under my seat… 😦 Lesson learned!

Day 7 | Last few moments in HK | On transit to S. Korea

I found that meeting great people can make or break a trip and in a nutshell HK was not short of that. Yesinn Causeway Bay really made it easy to connect with other travellers.

After a short farewell breakfast with the gang I went off to the airport onward to my next adventure in South Korea. Lets just say I wish I had left sooner. I ended up arriving at the airport with 40 mins to check in and to go through customs. It was a mad dash, but I made it along with my luggage, which was not guaranteed.